School Values

Our School Values

Our school values guide the way we work together, learn, communicate and behave. Our four school values are:

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

Rockbank Primary School takes a whole-school approach to creating a positive, safe and supportive school climate in which all students, including students with additional needs, can learn and develop. We follow a School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) model. One of the essential features of this model is to clarify expected behaviours. We proactively teach these behaviours and most importantly, they show students how they can be successful.


Vinny and Vicki are our values mascots. These super kids support us in our personal and social development and promote our school values.

Our School Matrix

Acknowledging Expected Behaviours

At Rockbank Primary School, we encourage expected student behaviour through acknowledgement, recognition and encouragement. Not all students are encouraged by the same thing or in the same way, so we utilise numerous reinforcements that serve to motivate all students across all settings. These can include:
- adult and peer attention through building positive relationships
- specific positive feedback
- tangible reinforcements.
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