Our Vision

Our school vision, “Nurture. Believe. Achieve,” guides our strong academic focus and enables us to teach all of our students to enact our school values of respect, togetherness, learning and safety.

Our staff nurture our students and provide a strong community feeling at our school. We welcome diversity and encourage students to believe that anything is possible. Staff at Rockbank Primary School provide a stimulating, challenging and caring learning environment that results in students achieving their potential.

Our Mission

At Rockbank Primary School we aim to provide a learning environment that supports the educational, social and emotional development of every child across all aspects of their primary school lives and beyond, so that they are better equipped to:

  • make informed responsible choices throughout their lives
  • make valuable and positive contributions to their community, and
  • achieve their very best

Principal's Message

Welcome to Rockbank Primary School. It is my privilege to be the principal of such a wonderful school. Rockbank Primary is an excellent school, which aims to achieve the best possible outcomes in student learning. Our school provides a learning environment where children can have fun, progress in their learning and develop their creativity and curiosity. We offer a school setting where our children feel cared for and valued.
Rockbank PS has a rich history dating back to 1868 and it is an honour to be able to be a part of Rockbank Primary School’s history and help shape its future. Rockbank continues to be a progressive and developing area with new estates currently being established around our school, this will mean continued growth for Rockbank PS in the future.
Our teaching and learning is based on the Victorian Curriculum. We pride ourselves in being able to meet students at their points of need, ensuring every student receives the best possible education; academically, socially and emotionally, At Rockbank PS we focus on the whole child. All students at Rockbank PS have Individual Learning Plans. Student learning is supported by intervention programs that support students working below and above Victorian Curriculum levels.
Our technology infrastructure is being constantly updated with TV’s in all classrooms / learning spaces. Students have access to both laptops or tablets and access to multi-media equipment such as videos and cameras when required.
Rockbank Primary School offers a variety of specialist classes including Auslan Language, Visual Arts / Music and Physical Education. .
We pride ourselves on the care we provide for families. We have a strong Wellbeing Team, which includes a Chaplain and together with all staff, we monitor the welfare, health and wellbeing of our students.
Parents and families are encouraged to be involved in our school through the various parent forums such as the School Council. We also have many opportunities throughout the year where parents can join in with their children such as special days, sport or other activities.
Our values :
We are Respectful
We are Learners
We value Togetherness
We are Safe
play an important part in our school culture and we ensure that they are taught and upheld in our school community.
The staff and I look forward to sharing your child's educational journey with you.
Kindest Regards,
Krista Barnes, Principal

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